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Book Cover Design
The cover design of a dissertation is the first thing people see. It tells the reader what the book is about and sets the tone for reading. It can rouse curiosity and excite readers to dive into a topic. Your thesis deserves an eye-catching and personal cover design. A matching bookmark, invitation and the theses page can also be designed, as well as matching art prints that make great gifts. 
Creating scientifically accurate and aesthetically pleasing work is my passion and I enjoy working closely with my clients to ensure that they are completely satisfied with the final product. Illustrations can be used for many purposes, from educating patients on complicated concepts or procedures to helping medical students mastering incricate anatomical topics or illustrating your latest research in a journal article or cover. 
Have a look at some examples of my illustration work below to see how Sieben Medical Art can enhance your medical and scientific communication. Click on the preview for more information.
Interactive 3D Illustration
Interactive 3D models are very well suited to explain intricate three dimensional structures. Because they are interactive, they are very engaging to audiences and encourage viewers to explore the topic themselves. I like working closely with clients to make sure that their concepts are fully realised through the 3D interactive. In each project, my aim is to visualize the topic in a way that is effective, eye-catching and truly unique.
Have a browse through some examples of 3D interactives by clicking on one of the previews below for more information.
Traditional Media
How can I help you?
The examples above are a small selection from my portfolio. I offer a range of services and skills to create high quality products, tailored to the needs of each project. My services cover multiple subjects and formats, including interactive 3D models, 3D visuals and illustrations. But it doesn't stop there. I can also work with you to create a resource from square one, such as an e-learning module, publication or presentation. ​​​​​​​
Interested in working together? Send me your ideas, drafts or request a quote and we can work together to deliver your content in an efficient, beautiful and engaging way.
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