References for this mixed media drawing were photographs and a specimen in Lucite, which can be seen below. The photograph really doesn't do it justice, in reality it is a lot more vibrant.  The creation of this piece is described below.
After sketching out the beetle, I decided on which media I wanted to use; Rembrandt watercolours, Caran d'Ache watersoluble pencils, Faber-castell polychromos colour pencils and the micron pigma brush for black details. After making a few swatches for the combination of different media, I started blocking in some of the really black parts. then I added a watercolour wash, working on the vibrant colours. 
After the watercolour, some additional colour nuances and details were added with watersoluble pencil. Then I went in with the polychromos, which have these beautiful strong colours.  Some more final touches with the micron pen and this was the result:
Limited edition prints of the Rose Chafer were made. Interested in purchasing a print? Drop me an email by clicking the email button below or contact me through the contact form on the contact page.