The Anatomical Lesson
There is incredible beauty in human anatomy. This portrait of a young woman shows some of the underlying anatomical structures of her head and neck, unveiling what would otherwise be invisible to the naked eye.  Both the original painting and a limited edition of prints of it are for sale. If you're interested in obtaining the original or one of the prints, please don't hesitate to drop me an email / fill in the contact form / dm me on instagram. The process of creating this piece is briefly described below: 
First, a sketch of the woman herself was made in pencil. 
Then, using a light tablet, the underlying anatomy would be sketched on a new page of printing paper on top of the initial sketch. Anatomy varies a bit from person to person, so this is a really good exercise in drawing based on what can be seen (landmarks on the surface) and filling in the invisible based on references.
Once the sketches were all made and I was happy with the placing of the structures, I began transferring the sketches to start the final drawing. The final drawing consisted of a layer of watercolour, a layer of watercolour pencil and a few layers of colour pencil. A limited edition print was made of the painting. Interested in buying an artprint? Drop me an email by clicking on the email button below.