Medical visualization and scientific illustration

Hi, I'm Anna Sieben, a professional medical illustrator with years of experience in creating visuals for clients across the scientific and medical field. I work with educational institutes, healthcare professionals and researchers to help visualize complex medical topics. Where science and art meet, I create visuals that convey key scientific messages in a way that is clear, beautiful and scientifically accurate. 
Science tells exciting, inspiring and complex stories. My passion is to visualize those stories in a way that is clear, beautiful and scientifically accurate. 
I offer a range of services and skills to create high quality products, tailored to the needs of each project. My services cover multiple subjects and formats, including interactive 3D models, 3D visuals and illustrations. But it doesn't stop there. I can also work with you to create a resource from square one, such as an e-learning module, publication or presentation. ​​​​​​​
Interested in working together? Send me your ideas, drafts or request a quote and we can work together to deliver your content in an efficient, beautiful and engaging way.
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