This project was part of the course MSc Medical Art. The aim of the visual was to illustrate the superficial arterial arch of the hand and the arteries in the digits in order to show changes in blood flow in the phenomenon of Raynaud.





Medical illustration

Layout design



The anatomical illustration 'Anterior View of the Superficial Arteries of the Hand'  is shown below



Both illustrations are based on a dip pen and ink drawing that was further modified in Adobe Photoshop. Drawings made of different dissected hands in the dissection room as well as anatomy atlases and textbooks were used as reference for the illustrations. Based on aesthetic aspects as well as clarity and readability of the illustrations, two separate illustrations were made. One is an illustration of the phenomenon of Raynaud (which is shown below), the other one is a labelled drawing, mainly focussing on the superficial arterial blood supply (above).

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