DESCRIPTION is an online resource aimed at medical students of the University of Dundee School of Medicine. It comprises amongst others interactive 3D models, illustrations and textual material. This project was my final project for the Master of Science Medical Art and was supervised by Dr Caroline Erolin. An article on the project was published in the Journal of Visual Communication in Medicine.




Above one of the models created for the resource can be seen.





Dr Richard Oparka

School of Medicine, University of Dundee






3D interactive modelling

Medical illustration


Layout design



Throughout the process there were several meetings with Dr Richard Oparka, in which the progress of the resource was discussed and feedback was given. These are the so-called feedback rounds.  Advice was also sought from Dr Paul Felts from time to time.


After literature research and sketching, the creation of the models took off in a software called pixologic Zbrush. These models were uploaded to Sketchfab and the link was shared to obtain feedback from experts. Following the processing of the feedback I started texturing the models, based on microscopy images provided to me by Dr Richard Oparka. Upon finishing the texturing, the models were uploaded again.


While waiting for the feedback on the models, the production of supporting images started (such as the image map of the human body, navigating to the particular organs I created epithelial models for). At this time I also started building the actual Website. Adobe Muse was used in order to do so.

All work on this website is shared under this license, unless otherwise stated.