The aim of this project was to produce illustrations from CT scan data to illustrate the anatomy of the muscle groups of the upper arm and shoulder

After the data was extracted from scans using Vesalius, the files were opened in Zbrush. 3 Layers were extracted: a skeleton layer, a muscle layer and a skin layer. The files were then cleant. Cleaning was done by removing artefacts, irregularities and debris filling holes that weren’t supposed to be there and smoothing out areas.

2D exports of the Zbrush files were imported in Adobe Photoshop, where the different layers (skeleton, muscle, skin) were made semi transparent and overlain. Afterwards they were (further) texturized and enhanced.

Muscles were either based on the exports of muscle layers from Zbrushor drawn on top of those muscle layers. The final images were compiled, resulting in the image that can be viewed on the right hand.

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