Scientifically accurate yet aesthetically pleasing content that conveys the story to be told at its best, optimising knowledge transfer and tailoring it to a target audience, that is what I aim for.


That's me, Anna Sieben. A creative mind with a passion for science. I have been blessed to be able to combine two passions of mine; the art of medicine and medical art.


Anatomy and (patho)physiology as well as the conveyance of (medical) information in a way that is clear and illustrative interest me. Studying Medicine at the University of Groningen made me realise the importance of good and clear communication. Especially in health care, where it is a necessity for providing the right diagnosis and a proper treatment, as well as to clarify the importance of adherence to a therapeutic regimen. But it is also needed for a good collaboration between health care workers, scientists, students and the general public.


Models, animations and illustrations used to explain illnesses and body processes to patients or to educate students and health care professionals, fascinate me. When studying Medicine I realised I wanted to be a part of the process of conveying a medical story optimally to a target audience.  In order to do so, I went to study MSc Medical Art at the University of Dundee, where I am being trained in just that. I have been able to produce artwork for different target audiences, using different media and graphic styles.


I have been working with programmes such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Muse, Keyshot and Pixologic Zbrush as well as traditional media and I am always eager to learn to work with new  media and programmes.


Currently Medical Art intern

Dundee Dental School

University of Dundee


MSc Medical Art

University of Dundee

2015 - 2016


Bachelor of Medicine

University of Groningen

2012 - 2015

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